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Map of Africa imageCareEpilepsy Ethiopia is a charitable organization based in  Ethiopia. CareEpilepsy Ethiopia aims to achieve a better quality of life for people affected by epilepsy in Ethiopia. It encompasses the full spectrum of issues: medical treatment, stigma, and social barriers, well-being, research and strengthening the role of health providers to enable delivery of effective, efficient and quality epilepsy services.

Without ‘FOCUS’ and a strong voice, Epilepsy will continue to be neglected and stigmatized notwithstanding so many patients in Ethiopia are severely impacted by the condition. With everyone’s help, this can stop being a major issue for Epilepsy patients in Ethiopia, and around the world as well.

Our Main Areas of Focus 

The goal of our work is to address the epilepsy needs of people in Africa through quality, culturally competent, evidence-based, equitable and cost-effective care.

Facilitating Medical Care

This programme addresses the patient care continuum, increasing access to epilepsy service and affordable anti-epileptic medications. Read More

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Positive Health and Wellbeing

Everything we do here is focused on helping people with epilepsy to live healthier, happier lives by addressing the psycho-social and economic issues they face through rehabilitative services… Read More

Epilepsy Support Group in Ethiopia

Raising Awareness

We raise awareness about Epilepsy to encourage medical seeking behaviour and eradicate stigma and increase social acceptabilityRead More

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Advocacy in Partnership

We advocate for public policies that protect the rights of people with Epilepsy and address the medical, social, environmental factors contributing to epilepsy.  Read More

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Our Impact

Read about all the progress we have made so far, and how we are making a difference within the community …Read More


Read some of the testimonials from people we have helped – patients, family members, the community, and more….Read More

Our Videos

Check out some of our videos about Epilepsy, the work of CareEpilepsy Ethiopia, past or upcoming events, and much more…

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