CareEpilepsy continues to make an impact on communities in Ethiopia.  The following sets out the positive changes we have made to the lives of children and adult living with epilepsy in Ethiopia.

Facilitated the delivery of complete care in a primary health care setting.  In partnership with Addis Ababa and the regional health bureau, we continue to support epilepsy service through providing education and training.

We covered the cost of anti-epileptic medications for over 3,000 patients (1,700 in one city) who were not receiving medical care or unable to purchase medication.

Increased the capacity of health professionals to deliver good epilepsy care. Two hundred health care professionals received training about epilepsy and its impact on an individual life after the service delivery workshop.

Improved the well-being of people with epilepsy:-

    • 278 people with epilepsy were helped to become self-motivated to access and receive epilepsy care by attending hospital for the first time in Addis Ababa.
    • One hundred seventy people who used our epilepsy counselling services felt they had the confidence, knowledge, skills, and support they needed to manage their epilepsy effectively.
    • Ten people were assisted in acquiring health insurance which enables them to receive their anti-epileptic medication free of charge.
    • Provided training in life and self-management skills to improve the wellbeing of people living with epilepsy. In addition, women with epilepsy who received craftwork training to promote self-sufficiency felt empowered, and their self-esteem increased.

  • Patient Support Group meeting
    • Our monthly patient support group meetings was huge support for patients and family by providing clinical information about epilepsy and ways to live well with epilepsy. Through this program, patient support group attendees:-
      – Experienced improved knowledge and perceptions about epilepsy;
      – felt less isolated and part of a larger community of people with epilepsy;
      – Felt more confident discussing epilepsy with healthcare professionals.

Coffee Chat Mornings. This is a social and empowerment project; we host a number of presentations around the topic of self-management, self-esteem; they recite poems and do craft activities. This programme runs every Wednesday from 10 am – 1 pm.

Our telephone helpline continued to offer up-to-date epilepsy-related information such as a list of care providers, pharmacy list and counselling.

Our volunteering program is grwoing. By using younger and fresher minds (Youth for Epilepsy Ethiopia volunteers), we continue to raise awareness and change community attitudes towards epilepsy to dispel stigma. Moreover, by using clinical professional volunteers, we were able to meet the clinical needs of our patients.

  • Advocacy and Partnership
    • We have initiated partnerships with the Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Health, Addis Ababa City Administration Health Bureau, Bureau of Finance and Economic Development (BoFED), Yeka Sub-city, and Bench Maji Zone and have signed a memorandum of understanding to achieve greater prioritization for epilepsy.
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