The solutions to epilepsy problems in Ethiopia are too complex to be solved by an individual organization. CareEpilepsy explores mechanisms to involve more partners in activities to work on the prevention of the causes of secondary epilepsy and the care of epilepsy and the combating of stigma.

Our advocates work to support people with epilepsy to:
  • Ensure that their voices are heard and their opinions respected and to be empowered to be involved in the important decisions that affect their lives.
  • Have as much control over decisions that affect them as they want
  • Access appropriate resources and information on education and employment 
  • Feel that they are part of their local community
  • Access specialist information and advice on epilepsy
  • Promote their rights
  • Help you find a solution

Our engagement is an advocacy tool and an instrument for dialogue with regional governments, line ministries (Education, Labour, Women’s and Children’s Affairs etc.), development partners, faith-based and religious organisations, non-profit organisations, and private for-profit organisations in order to address the medical social and environmental factors contributing to epilepsy in Ethiopia. 

Current Projects


We campaign to improve the lives of everyone affected by epilepsy and bring down the barriers faced by people with epilepsy in Ethiopia. This program engages in discussions with various sectors of the government legislators, voluntary agencies and other stakeholders will help develop healthy public policy and epilepsy services to create a suitable environment for people with epilepsy to increase their quality of life. Through this programme,  

  • We actively work to raise the profile of epilepsy
  • We give a voice to young people, women, and men living with epilepsy and their families in Ethiopia. 
  • We promote inclusion and assists in the mission to eliminate stigma in the workplace, schools, and community as a whole.

  • Faithaction4epilepsy: Here we partner to engage faith-based organizations in epilepsy care. We provide intensive training for pastors, priests, imams and community leaders with the aim of equipping them with the appropriate attitudes, knowledge, and skills to be channels of hope for people with epilepsy and families and assist faith communities in their journeys towards epilepsy competence. We arrange workshops to engage leaders to come up with solutions about providing emotional care in churches and mosques.

Upcoming Projects

  • Healthy birth: Interventions to improve antenatally and perinatal care could substantially reduce the prevalence of epilepsy in Ethiopia. We are working in partnership with the Ministry of Health, Women’s and Children Affairs and exploring ways to work with international NGOs which are involved in providing maternal care.

  • Saferoad4epilepsy: Working together with the Ministry of Transport we aim to create awareness through the media to encourage the public to wear crash helmets and adhere to safe driving.

  • forum4epilepsy: This programme is an online community for people with epilepsy and carers of people with epilepsy to talk about the condition.  A CareEpilepsy staff member will be looking at the posts on a regular basis. What can you do on forum4epilepsy?
  • Read other people’s ideas and thoughts
  • Ask questions and answer other people’s questions
  • Go into the chat room and chat with other members
  • Blog about your condition and how it affects you

Our Partners

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