Would You Like To Become a Volunteer For Us?

CareEpilepsy provides both long-term and short-term volunteering opportunity. We take volunteers from all walks of life, doctors, nurses, teachers, musicians, artists, counselors, craftsmen etc. For international volunteers, there are clear benefits that overseas volunteering brings to African countries, however, the benefit to the volunteer is equally priceless.

When volunteering with CareEpilepsy you will:

  • Assist CareEpilepsy Ethiopia to support and protect vulnerable people with epilepsy and their families;
  • Learn about development approaches, complexities, and challenges;
  • Engage at a truly grass-roots, community level
  • See the world from the perspective of the billions of people whose standard of living is considerably worse than your own, and start to understand exactly what you can and cannot do about that;
  • Develop the crucial skills required in development work: patience, determination, the ability to think quickly and communicate effectively in the most challenging circumstances;
  • Gain experience that will help you establish your interests and career goals more clearly.

Healthcare and Medical Volunteer Programme

Join us as a health and medical volunteer and participate in ethical rewarding placements where you will learn as well as share your ideas, knowledge and experience with local practitioners.

Arts & Crafts Volunteer Project

Volunteer on an arts and crafts project in Ethiopia. Give children and adults with Epilepsy the chance to learn new creative forms of art by bringing new techniques to the classroom.

Art has always been an important part of Ethiopian life, both as a decorative and a communicative medium. During part of the project, you will help to run school art clubs within CareEpilepsy’s rehabilitation centre, and a number of local schools. Our work extends across the various artistic mediums – from painting to sculpture – so you will be able to focus on one or many different areas. Aside from teaching artistic techniques and self-expression, the children and adults you work with will greatly value the attention and help you offer. A life-changing impact is sure to be made!

Volunteers Needed For First Aid Shows

Volunteers are needed to perform first aid drama in schools, colleges, workplaces, clinics, etc. This first aid show is about the recovery position for a tonic-clonic (convulsive) seizure. The recovery position steps should be followed once the shaking (convulsing) has stopped. This is a first aid technique that is used for unconscious and breathing casualties that keep their airway open and allows them to breathe.

Volunteer Creative & Performing Arts Projects Abroad

Our exciting Creative and Performing Arts projects give you the opportunity to express and share your artistic talents with young people abroad. Whether you are a music student on a gap year eager to work abroad or a career breaker with a keen interest in the arts, we have a placement that will suit you and your talents. These projects place you in CareEpilepsy rehabilitation centre, schools and communities where the arts can offer children and adults an outlet for emotion, beliefs, and dreams that they might not otherwise have means to express.

While working on one of our Creative & Performing Arts projects and learning about a different culture, volunteers will receive support and guidance from CareEpilepsy staff.

If you are interested, please call Gidon at (251) 936695997 or email us at volunteering@care-epilepsy.org or ceo.ethio@care-epilepsy.org


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