Who is Care Epilepsy?

CareEpilepsy is a UK Registered (Registered Number 1151942) international charitable organization which was founded in October 2012. It was first registered at Companies House and then with the Charity Commission as an international UK charity on 8th May 2013, dedicated to improving the health of people with epilepsy in Africa. It encompasses the full spectrum of issues: medical treatment, stigma and social barriers, well-being, research and strengthening the role of health providers to enable the delivery of effective, efficient and quality epilepsy services. We work through volunteers and with international, national, regional and local partners.

Mission and vision

Our mission
Saving lives and improving the health of people with epilepsy through prevention, medical care, well-being and awareness.

Our vision
To see people with epilepsy healthy, productive, and free from discrimination and stigma.

Beliefs and values
The basis of our beliefs derives from the principles outlined in the World Health Organization “…the highest attainable standard of health as a fundamental right of every human being.”

We therefore believe:

  • people with epilepsy have the human right to receive timely medical care and treatment
  • People with epilepsy deserve respect and dignity and equitable access to epilepsy care
  • Local leaders and local institutions are the best agents of change
  • Shared knowledge, skills, and experience are our most valuable tools
  • Culture-tailored communication is the most effective way to get our message out
  • Partnership is the only realistic path to lasting change

Our Objective
Our objective in Africa is to establish a sustainable model of epilepsy care and treatment, raise awareness and increase social acceptability, and increase advocacy to address the medical, social and environmental factors contributing to epilepsy.




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