Youth for Epilepsy Ethiopia consists of high school pupils and university students from different backgrounds but one in the goal to de-stigmatize epilepsy, and influence parents to seek medical care for their children. By using younger and fresher minds CareEpilepsy is able to find fun and creative ways of boosting awareness and raising money.

The team create awareness through educational institutions such as school and universities and to raise funds through a variety of activities such as campaigns, sports days and concerts.

Highlights from Youth for Epilepsy Ethiopia work

Awareness Team Summer Project 2017 Report

Summer 2017

The awareness team has been a productive team for the summer 2017 project: in which it has worked towards creating awareness about epilepsy & its side effects, teaching recover position, helping patients towards stigmatization & discrimination and etc.  Small projects accomplished by the team were Hospital Visits(Yekatit 12 Hospital), patients Database entry at Yekatit 12 Hospital and raising Awareness at schools.

CareEpilepsy Ethiopia Launch (12th October 2015)

The Youth for Epilepsy Ethiopia group was part of the organizing team in the inaugural CareEpilepsy ETHIOPIA programme, which was held on 12th October 2015. the launch was a huge success and attracted some 115 participants from Federal Ministries, embassies, hospitals, national and international NGOs, businesses and schools. The event drew a high level of publicity, was supported by the Federal Ministry of Health, and was featured in the local press and radio.


National Epilepsy Week 2016

Our Youth exhibited great passion, developed fresh ideas and showed a willingness to go above and beyond for CareEpilepsy Ethiopia. These volunteers helped prepare for the National Epilepsy Week, they manned the information booths on the promotion day, they manned the telephone helpline and talked to visitors who came to our office and during the awareness walk.

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