Epilepsy – Out of the Shadows – 26th April 2018


Fundraising Event to take place in London on April 26, 2018. Enjoy an evening of cocktails, 3-course meal, live music and listen to special guest speakers, and partake in a charity auction and raffle draw.

Show your support for people with Epilepsy by attending or donating to this important fundraising event. Read More…


ETHIOPIA CHALLENGE 2018 – (7 – 25 November 2018)

‘The Land that Time Forgot’

CareEpilepsy Ethiopia is pleased to invite you to register your interest for the 2018 Trek in the Simien Mountains National Park.

The Trek will include the ascent of Ras Dashen, the highest peak in Ethiopia at 4,550m.

Ras Dashen is Ethiopia’s highest mountain. It is also the highest mountain in the Horn of Africa and the tenth highest mountain on the continent. The mountain is also known as Ras Dejen and Ras Dashan. It is located in the Simien Mountains which is an area of rugged mountains, steep ravines and many rare and endemic species. Every visitor will undoubtedly see the amusing Gelada Baboons, endangered Walia Ibex and Ethiopian Wolf, the latter being the rarest wild canine in the world.

Ras Dashen, located in the Simien Mountains, it is approximately 22km east of the National Park boundaries though most treks start in Debark and cross through the heart of the Park.

There will also be time to visit the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Lalibela and Gondar and also the historic attractions in Addis Ababa.

For further information contact:  Kevin  Mobile  +44 (0)7624 442118

Email  mrkevciom@yahoo.co.uk

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