Our patient stories 

“For the first time since I developed epilepsy, I found someone to care and listen to me, CareEpilepsy is my hope for my life”. Abraham Adane, 26 years old living in Addis Ababa.  His first seizure happened at the age of 11 whilst milking cows.  He received a head kick by the cow resulting in severe head injury resulting in seizures.  



 “Counselling and patient support group have changed my life.  It has helped me understand the causes, and consequences of epilepsy.  I am very happy about coming in contact with CareEpilepsy. Thank you”. Akililu, 5 years old living in Addis Ababa.  His mother said Aklilu developed epilepsy since birth.  



 Eladana Beruk is nearly 4 years old.  She starting have seizures since the age of 3.  Her mother said “since my child developed epilepsy, our community treat me differently.  The stigma that I have to live with is unbearable.   Thank God for CareEpilepsy, it has given me a family and friends”. 




Ermias Arega, a 22-year-old man.  He started having seizures at the age of 12. “It is nice to meet others with epilepsy especially my age.  Thank you CareEpilepsy for caring and organising these programmes for us.”




Yared Admasu, lives with epilepsy and autism.  He developed epilepsy since the age of 8 after having his immunization, which resulted in a high fever.  “I am grateful for receiving counseling and support to buy medication from CareEpilepsy.  Receiving psychological help has helped me to cope with my child’s epilepsy.  Please don’t give up and stop helping us. You are our hope”.



Abdur Hakim, 10 years old. He developed a seizure when he was 4 years old as a result of head trauma. His father said the family is doing all it can to support him and accept the condition but the community’s perception of epilepsy is really bad. “Thank you CareEpilepsy for being our family and friend”. 




Sofia Adam is an 18 year old girl with epilepsy.  She developed epilepsy when she was a child as a result of head trauma.  “Except for my mother, my family and the community have negative perceptions about epilepsy and I live with the pain of being stigmatised for having epilepsy, which is not of my choice.  “my life has changed thank to CareEpilepsy.  I found friends that listen to my problems and not stigmatize me.  I have received training in carpet weaving training.  You are my friends. Thank you”.                      


Esubalew Deres, age 9 years old.  He developed epilepsy at the age of 7 days old as a result of a birth injury. His mother says, she faces stigma daily from her family and the community. “CareEpilepsy is a place of love and care”.





Surafel Berehanu, age 9.  He developed a seizure at the age of 5. His mother says the stigma she receives from others is harder to bear than seizures.  “Staff at CareEpilepsy are my family that I can talk to any time I want.  You are so caring, God bless you”.


Ashenafi Berhanu, age 12-year-old.  His mother said his first seizure was at the age of 1 month due to birth injury.  “With CareEpilepsy I have found my family.”





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