Project Activities

Our work activities include:

  1. Providing quality epilepsy services to the people of Ethiopia through facilitating the integration of epilepsy service into primary health care services.
  2. Rehabilitative programmes through CareEpilepsy’s rehabilitation centre.
  3. Developing contextually appropriate programmes and providing community education about the causes and treatment of epilepsy.
  4. Partnering with tribal, religious, and community leaders to disseminate information and combat stigma and discrimination.
  5. Training nurses and clinical officers to manage patients with epilepsy and integrate services into existing local primary care programs, particularly in rural areas.
  6. Organizing and supporting national, regional, and district level surveys to assess the epilepsy burden, barriers to care, and resource needs.
  7. Fostering and facilitating regional and international collaborations to create epilepsy training opportunities for both neurologists and primary healthcare providers.
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