Managing Director (MD)

Board of Directors

Enat Yewnetu
Founder / MD
Ms Yewnetu is a public health professional currently working as the MD of CareEpilepsy. She has worked as operation manager and Surveillance Data Analyst at the Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust. She specializes in management and analysis and interpretation of health-related data essential to the planning, implementation, and evaluation of public health. Enat has worked in the NHS for 17 years. Enat has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a Master of Public Health (MPH).
Tony Crouch
Board Member
Mr Crouch is self-employed with his own company ARC Services. He has extensive experience in setting up business accounts, bookkeeping, and accounting. He is a member of the QuickBooks Professional Advisor Programme Team.
Justin Wilson
Board Member
Justin was born in Debre Tabor (Ethiopia), grew up in the UK, and now lives in Frankfurt. He worked in consultancy and investment banking, then in 1996 co-founded a consultancy company. Up to 2014, when the company merged with Endava, he was a Director of the German entity and of the 3 UK businesses. He sees huge potential for CareEpilepsy to improve lives, and believes that we will learn lessons from Ethiopia that can then be readily applied elsewhere in the world.
Patrick Delorme
Board Member
Patrick Delorme is an internationally trained public health professional. He brings with him a wealth of experience in program management and delivery. Patrick has worked, lived and studied globally, leading initiatives relevant to education, health promotion and development throughout his entire career. He holds two Masters Degrees: one in Public Health from the ‘Université Libre de Bruxelles’ (Belgium) and the other in Community Development from the University of Westminster (England).

Advisory Committee

Professor John Duncan
Consultant Neurologist and Clinical Director of the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery.
Professor John Duncan is clinical director for neurology at NHNN, London. He is a key figure in our world-leading epilepsy research programme at the Chalfont Centre in Buckinghamshire, with a particular interest in neuro-imaging. His recent research into the long-term outcome of brain surgery for people with epilepsy showed that almost 50 per cent of patients remain seizure free after surgery.
Kim Morley
Epilepsy Specialist Midwife Practitioner
Kim Morley is a specialist midwife practitioner in epilepsy. She developed an interest in the effects of anti-epileptic drugs exposure during pregnancy in 2000 and realized there was a lack of support for women with epilepsy. She therefore set up a unique epilepsy specialist midwifery service to provide women with preconception and pregnancy care. From 2007-2014 she established and led a new community nursing service for people with epilepsy in Southampton. She lectures nationally and internationally and awarded ‘Mum’s midwife of the year’ for the South of England, 2016.
Kirsten Øster-Lundqvist
Communication and Media Advisor
Pastor Kirsten Øster-Lundqvist holds an MA from Andrews University, in Communication & Religion, received in 1994. As well as ministerial work, she has experience in radio, media, TV, journalism, publishing and strategic communication. A native to Scandinavia she has worked and lived on 4 continents, and as a child had epilepsy.

Operational Team

Ann Marie
Research Infrastructure Advisor
Ann-Marie's academic background is in human biology and statistics. She possesses M.B.A. in Healthcare Management and Consulting from Rottman School of Management, University of Toronto. She holds an academic appointment at SickKids Hospital, the biggest pediatric hospital in Canada, as a Research Associate. She is very prolific and co-authored twelve (12) scientific manuscripts and assisted in publishing another 208.
Emma Orefuwa
Project Development Advisor
Emma Orefuwa has worked in a variety of Public Health roles during the last decade. She holds a Biochemical Sciences, MSc in Medical Entomology and MPH. Emma has held a number of project and programme management roles within the UK National health service International Development and Global Health sectors. Most recently she has worked in Maternal, Newborn and Child Health programmes for the African Medical Research Foundation (AMREF) and in Diaspora Development programmes at the African Foundation for Development (AFFORD). Emma currently works as a Programme Manager for Connecting Organizations for Regional Disease Surveillance (CORDS).
Tony Crouch
Finance and Administrative
Mr Crouch is self-employed with his own company ARC Services. He has extensive experience in setting up business accounts, bookkeeping, and accounting. He is a member of the QuickBooks Professional Advisor Programme Team.
Sherard Wilson


CareEpilepsy Ethiopia

Country Director

Enat Yewnetu
Country Director

Advisory Board

Dr. Hermon Amare
FDRE Ministry of Health
Professor Redda Teklehimanot
Sister Sofia Seid
Chanyalew Yilma
Financial Adviser

Operational Team

Zemen Yohannes
Media & Communications
Bereket Andargachew
ICT & International Volunteers Coordinator
Melaku Hailu
Volunteer Coordinator
Tigist Hailu
Office Administrator
Hana Gebrekerestos
Events Coordinator
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