CareEpilepsy’s activities/programmes focus on improving access to medical care and antiepileptic drugs, raising awareness of epilepsy, improving the wellbeing of people living with epilepsy and promoting the needs of people with epilepsy. 

We serve 6 administrative regions of Ethiopia: Tigray,  Amhara, Oromia, Southern Peoples’ State, Dire Dawa, and Addis Ababa.

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This programme addresses the patient care continuum and access to epilepsy services. Epilepsy care needs to be continuous and integrated into existing local primary health care system to reach out the vast majority of the patients. It must increase access to care and affordable anti-epileptic medications. The need to strengthen local nurses’, health officers’, health extension workers’ and paramedics’ competence in the provision of efficient and sustainable epilepsy care is paramount.

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CareEpilepsy’s Wellbeing activities focus on the psycho-social and economic issues epilepsy patients face through rehabilitative services. This will help people with epilepsy to live well with epilepsy and prevent and minimise secondary or tertiary handicaps. Our programmes include counseling, advice on living with epilepsy and peer support group, to help people with epilepsy enjoy full, active lives.

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The public education and awareness program remain our primary pillar of intervention. CareEpilepsy believes that with education comes understanding and acceptance. Through our awareness programme, we seek to communicate with all persons who have epilepsy, their families and anyone who has an interest in epilepsy as part of the ongoing community education and outreach programmes. CareEpilepsy also strives to educate teachers, health care professionals, corporations, and industry, as well as the general public, about the causes, treatment, and consequences of epilepsy and the proper first aid response to seizures. 

CareEpilepsy promotes inclusion and assists in the mission to eliminate stigma in the workplace, schools, and community as a whole.  

Learn about the CareEpilepsy’s advocacy efforts and policy priorities.

Our advocacy programme aims to influence public policy and organizational practice to address the medical, social, environmental factors contributing to epilepsy. 


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