Epilepsy care needs to be continuous and integrated into existing local primary health care system to reach out the vast majority of the patients.

This programme addresses the patient care continuum and access to epilepsy care and affordable anti-epileptic medications. Through this programme the need to strengthen local nurses’, health officers’, health extension workers’ and paramedics’ competence in the provision of efficient and sustainable epilepsy care is addressed.

Current Programmes

  • Helpline4epilepsy

This programme focuses on linking patients with health care providers and increasing access to affordable anti-epileptic medications. CareEpilepsy employees and volunteers are available to answer questions regarding epilepsy and its treatment. Printed material including brochures and clinic information are also offered upon request.

  • Train4epilepsy

This programme will provide training to doctors, nurses, midwives, health visitors and paramedics for early detection of Epilepsy and establishment of nurse-led clinics using national and internal expertise.


Upcoming Programmes

  • Epilepsy-on-the-net

This online programme will provide Epilepsy modules training.

  • Books4epilepsy

Healthcare training centres or universities and medical schools lack the funds for either online or print resources, and students are often reliant on textbooks with content that is more than 10 years out of date.  Health professionals working in the field of epilepsy face similar challenges, especially in remote rural areas.  CareEpilepsy is building an extensive library of books and audio-visual material available to be borrowed via pick up.

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