Despite advances in the understanding and treatment of epilepsy within the past several decades, in Ethiopia, public attitude to Epilepsy remains to be superstitious. There is a deep-rooted prejudice against epilepsy, and many still attribute it to witchcraft and curses making it a dreaded disease. These beliefs have resulted in patients with epilepsy being ostracized, stigmatized and misunderstood.  

Our Programmes

Community Education and Outreach 

The public education and awareness program remain our primary pillar of intervention and it is aimed at the promotion of inclusion in education, the workplace, and the community as well as the general public, about the causes, treatment, and consequences of epilepsy and the proper first aid response to seizures. CareEpilepsy believes that with education comes understanding and acceptance, therefore, raising awareness is part of the ongoing community education and outreach programmes. 

The core objective of this project is to raise awareness of the causes of epilepsy, the available treatments, and how to prevent and minimize secondary or tertiary injuries. It also educates the public to understand the desirability of inclusion, for people living with epilepsy, in education, in the workplace, and in the community.  CareEpilepsy promotes inclusion and assists in the mission to eliminate stigma in the workplace, schools, and community as a whole.  

Our Current Programmes

National Epilepsy Week 

This is a yearly campaign that aims to promote information about epilepsy in the community.  We distribute printed information about epilepsy and anything related to epilepsy via epilepsy clinics, hospitals, and schools. We also use radio, television, and social media to promote epilepsy as well as motivate and mobilize the community to take action to prevent the consequences of epilepsy, seek medical treatment and challenge the stigma associated with it.

Youth for Epilepsy Ethiopia Action Programme(YEEAP)

The Youth4Epilepsy Ethiopia Action Program (YEEAP) is a youth-led organizing initiative for young people ages 14-25. Youth4Epilepsy Ethiopia consists of different groups of youths originating from different backgrounds that join together to do all they can to help the victims of epilepsy all over Ethiopia. Using younger and fresher minds CareEpilepsy Ethiopia is able to find more fun and creative ways of creating awareness and raising money. 

During the school year, the after-school group meets once a month for epilepsy education and community organizing training, and to plan strategies for youth action projects.  This year’s action projects focus on three areas:  Epilepsy Basics, Employment Access, and Education Justice. 

During the summer, youth dedicate 7 weeks of teaching to support children with epilepsy in the community.  They also do a street campaign. 

To get involved with YEEAP after school contact Kirubel at

Education, Work, and Epilepsy 

We provide information for teachers and support staff for children of school age. It is intended to increase their knowledge and understanding of epilepsy and provide a guide to best practice for the support of pupils living with the condition. Training days for 2019.

CareEpilepsy also strives to educate teachers, health care professionals, corporations, and industry, as well as the general public, about the causes, treatment, and consequences of epilepsy and the proper first aid response to seizures.

Seizure@school – ‘School Epilepsy Champions’ and Seizure@workplace – ‘Employer Epilepsy Champions’ initiatives.

FREE Educational Training 

Epilepsy Facts:

This is educational material for everyone who is touched by epilepsy or have an interest in epilepsy. It explains about epilepsy and seizures, causes and treatment, and first-aid procedures in the hopes of dispelling some of the myths and misconceptions that still exist.

Children and Teens First Aid

We believe seizure first aid is a life skill that everyone can and should learn. We want all 6–18-year-olds in Ethiopia to have the opportunity to learn the skills and gain the confidence to save lives.

School Nurse Training Programme

Comprehensive training held once a year whereby school nurses can gain valuable epilepsy knowledge. We are working on making this training available online.

Teachers Training Programme

This training is for school personnel in response to the need for a consistent educational tool to help promote a positive social and educational environment for students living with seizures and epilepsy. Classroom teachers, special education teachers, librarians, teacher assistants, school bus drivers, aides, and other staff members or volunteers can all benefit. We are working on making this training available online.

Upcoming Programmes

Community Education Workshops:

Guest speakers provide a series of monthly educational workshops on epilepsy and epilepsy-related topics through our CareEpilepsy Rehabilitation Centre.


We use our website, and social media to raise awareness and provide online support and information to people with epilepsy, their families and anyone with interest in epilepsy. 

As part of the ongoing community education and outreach programs, we seek to communicate with all persons who have epilepsy, their families and anyone who has an interest in epilepsy.
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